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Are you worried that your cholesterol levels might be a bit too high? Worry not, this is a challenge that millions of other Americans share in.

One thing that makes you different and really unique is that you’re actually taking proactive steps to reclaim your health. Congrats!

Unfortunately, finding a program that melts away the cholesterol and restores your youthful energy isn’t always a walk in the park.

And that’s why today, we’d like to review one program by the name Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy. Its authors claim that it has the potential to unclog your blood vessels, melt away stubborn fat and restore physical energy.

But just how effective is it? Here’s our two cents.

The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy an Overview

This is basically a step-by-step guide that teaches you how to clean out any plaque that might be building up in your arteries. Indeed, the idea behind this method is to help you drop your cholesterol levels so that you can lead a healthier life.

Above all, this program contains some little-known secrets that you can tap into to boost your mental and physical energy. Have you been waking up feeling fatigued? You probably have been struggling to remain productive at your place of work, right?

The Oxidized Cholesterol Method is designed just for you. Within it are simple, all-natural remedies that you can start preparing in the next few minutes.

These remedies are meant to ensure that your body heals itself. The idea is to provide you with the best path to fullness as fast as possible without compromising on your health.


This program is not difficult to understand because it works by determining the crucial mechanisms of cholesterol in your system.

The guide comes with comprehensive instructions to direct you on how to regulate oxidized cholesterol levels in your system by going on the right diet to avoid the need for conventional treatments.

Also, the Strategy comes with a four-week plan to help you regain your strength and restore your health.

Although you will be required to change your lifestyle and diet, it will not take much from you. The instructions in the guide are very simple and have been implemented by several people and turned out well for them.


This comprehensive guide is designed to help you learn more about your health and body. For instance, you will get to understand how your way of life could be a contributing factor to strokes and heart disease.

The guide contains a four-week plan where you will learn how to infuse organic therapies into your daily schedule to clean out up to 93% of your arteries for optimum health.

The plan comprises meal recipes and plans, as well as systematic directions. Here is what you will get in the program.

  • Week One

In this first week, you will get to learn about meal preparation, exercise, sleep, and smoking. You will learn about the rules for resistance training and get to sample some resistance workouts.

  • Week Two

At this stage you will also get meal preps and recipes as well as learn the rules of aerobic exercises.

  • Week Three

As usual, you will get peal preps for this stage as well as recipes and get to learn about good and bad oils. You will also get the workouts for this week.

  • Week Four

In this last week you will get meal preps and recipes and get to learn about dairy and meat substitutes. There will also be workouts for you to do during this week.


  • The program educates on how to retain healthy cholesterol levels in the body for a healthier and functional heart.
  • The guide scrapes off the need for conventional medicine and treatments to bring cholesterol levels down.
  • The program comes with detailed steps to execute that will help clean out your arteries and ultimately reduce cholesterol level in your system effortlessly.
  • The guide is written in simple and easy to understand language and identifies the foods you should eat to avoid the accumulation of cholesterol in your system.
  • The program comes with a money-back guarantee.


  • The program can only be accessed online hence no physical copies.
  • It takes commitment and willingness to achieve positive results. Any missed steps may lead to a flop of the program.
  • The guide is inaccessible to people who live in remote areas without internet connection.


The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy guide is the work of a man named Scott Davis. He has written the guide in collaboration with Blue Heron Limited, an online renowned natural health publication.

Scott is the author of numerous articles that focus on the heart and its health. We can say his drive to center on the heart is because he once suffered a heart attack due to high levels of cholesterol.

His key objective when he was creating this particular program was to educate people on how cholesterol is formed, its impact on heart health, and what to do to ensure that the heart remains healthy.

  • Live support from a dedicated and enthusiastic team.
  • Lifetime update to the cholesterol strategy program. Yup, forever and for free.
  • A list of all the foods that cause high cholesterol. You can refer to this list any time.


It sounds like a far-fetched dream for someone to claim that it is possible to get rid of all the harmful cholesterol from your system within four weeks, but it is possible.

The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy can actually help you restore your health and prevent you from suffering heart attacks and strokes in the future.

However, if the program fails to work, you can get a refund because it does come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

The guide is worth the investment.


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